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Self Hosted GitLab

Host all my open source projects.
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Open Source Hardware

All my hardware designs are open source at OSHWHub.

LeetCode Problem Solving

My LeetCode problem solving notes.
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Minimax with Alpha-Beta Pruning Chess AI

A complete chess AI development program.
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TensorFlow Keras Natural Language Emotion Classification Model

A high-precision natural language emotion binary classification model trained using TensorFlow Keras.
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A minimalist style Typecho theme.
Simple + Echo = 💖
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Knowledge Planet Community

A knowledge-sharing community.
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Dream Elf Association

A student group with the slogan "Have Freedom to Design the Colourful World".
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Karula Agency

An open source community of interest for the benefit of the public good.

iFlute Project

A simple minecraft server project free to everyone.
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High-value third-party NeteaseCloudMusic player.
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Fine Weather

A beautiful and atmospheric online weather APP.
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Web Password Manager

A Vaultwarden password manager that uses Podman containerized deployments.


A free and open source branch of the code editor.
Removed Don Ho's personal political content.
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Nice to See You

Leave a word, to important people.
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Academic of Touhou

A network communication interest community project hosting site.
This life without regret into the Touhou, the afterlife is willing to rural life fantasy~

Innocence - Forever Loop.

A disbanded student interest music group.

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